About Me

Hello everybody there, My name is Intan and My Husband is Riyal. I live in Indonesia. But I write in English so that the readers of the whole world can understand. We are a married couple. We built a website about decorating and home design that covers everything you need about home decor. Such as furniture, mattress, chair, guest room, bathroom, office space, study room, children room and many others.

Buildingenergyguide.com is a home decor website that presents an image for your inspiration. The purpose of building this website so that we can be inspired to design the house we want to be a beautiful and elegant home.

My idea was inspired when my husband and I wanted to design a new home. At first a little confused, this white house should be decorated in such a way to be beautiful. But after browsing around here we finally found the desired concept.

Greetings all. I hope this helps. If you have any questions or want to know us more please follow the account in the top right corner. thanks.